Making Democracy Work

Policies on Action and Nonpartisanship

Nonpartisan Statement

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan organization, is dedicated to the principles of self government established in the Constitution of the United States. The League works to promote political responsibility through informed and active citizen participation in government.

The League's nonpartisanship is assured by national, state and local League bylaws and policies. Through its program, the League takes action in support of, or in opposition to, governmental issues that it has studied and on which it has reached consensus. It does not support, nor does it oppose, candidates or political parties. Individual members are encouraged to support the political party of their choice.

Through its Voter Service, the League provides nonpartisan factual information on the structures and functions of government and on voting procedures, candidates, and issues.

Nonpartisan Policy

Because the primary purpose of the League is to encourage informed participation in the political processes of the community, state, and nation, LWVWNC urges each League member, individually, to become informed and active in the support and selection of candidates and issues. Members are encouraged to serve on government boards, commissions, and committees. However, unless clearly designated, appointees are not official representatives of the League

Members shall not discuss nor distribute literature about candidates or non-League matters at ANY League meeting.

Action Policy

Members may act in the name of the League only when authorized to do so by the Board of Directors or by the Executive Committee.

  • To maintain League's reputation for stating opinions, based on objective study and membership consensus, any action, oral or written, in the League's name, must be cleared first through the Board or Executive Committee. It is the Board's responsibility to choose issues in the context of a total action plan.
  • When the Board has authorized action on an issue and designated a member with the necessary expertise to represent the League, that designated member may follow up on that issue on more than one occasion unless otherwise instructed by the Board.
  • The designated member must not respond to questions which are outside League Program.
  • Before, during, and immediately after the public forum, the designated member must refrain from publicly expressing personal viewpoints which may be construed as League positions.
  • A League member serving as an official League observer of a governmental body must not take any action, oral or written, before that body either as a League representative or as a private citizen.